Making your reservation is easy!

Booking your reservation for the Presleys' Country Jubilee at Sea is a

very simple process.  It's important to note, however, that you must book

your reservation through Paradise Travel in order to participate in all the

VIP events we have planned.  If you book your cruise through the Royal

Caribbean website or with your own travel agent, you will be denied access

to all our private events that are scheduled, because you won't have the 

proper credentials provided by Paradise Travel to attend.  When you get ready to book,

simply click on the Reservation Form & Docs tab above, complete the Online Deposit Form, then click SUBMIT.  If you don't have access to a computer, simply call us at

(888) 470-1879 and we'll help you fill out the Reservation Form over the phone.


Chances are you may have at least one or two questions about the cruise before you actually make your deposit.  Feel free to call us at: (888) 470-1879; or drop us

an email at:  This will give us an opportunity

to get to know one another, address any questions or concerns you may have,

and give you details and recommendations regarding the upcoming cruise.

                                 Children Discounts

Pricing is based on availability and is subject to change without notice.

It's always better to book your reservation as early as possible,

because this will always be the best pricing.  If you are 

traveling with children under the age of 18, as 3rd or 4th

guests in your stateroom, be sure and ask

about our family discount.

Pre and Post Cruise Hotel Options

We always suggest arriving at your cruise departure city at least one day before
your cruise departs.  Ft. Lauderdale is such a beautiful city, you may want
to consider coming in two or three days before the cruise.  
However, this is peak cruise season and hotels rates can get a little pricey.  
We've negotiated good rates at three properties for your consideration.
 Click on the pictures of the hotels below and it will take you
to a page with specific information about each property.
Booking your room is very easy.  You'll simply call the hotel that interests you,
tell them you're with the Presleys cruise, and they will make your
reservation with the discounted cruise rate.
If you run into any challenges, feel free to call our office
and we'll be happy to assist you.