What makes cruising so much fun, is the opportunity to explore different ports-of-call. There's a huge variety of things to do, especially in Alaska. 

And there's something for everyone, based on your

budget, activity level and interest.  

You can purchase your shore excursions directly from Princess.

However, our goal is to present you with the best possible value when it comes to shore excursions.  We've found that one way to accomplish this

is to see what is offered by an excursion specialist that deals directly with 

the individual vendors.  Most of the time, either the pricing is less

or the excursion itself is a better value in some way for the same price.

ShoreTrips.com is an award-winning company we've recommended

for years.  They have hand-picked a variety of excursions just for

our group based on information we have given them.

Just click on the ShoreTrips picture below and see a variety of great options.

              If you have any questions regarding excursions,

              feel free to call ShoreTrips at (414) 964-2100.

              Ask for our good friend & excursion expert,

              Melanie and mention that you're with the

              'Glacier Prophecy Summit' cruise.